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July 4, 2014
What to consider when planning a Home Extension

So you are thinking about undertaking a home extension to increase the size of your living space and improve the living conditions for you and your family. This can be a very exciting time for you as all of the possibilities of what you can do with the addition space play out in your mind. However before you pick up a hammer and start to knock down the closet wall, you do need to consider what will be involved and what you will need to get the job done right.

Home extensions can require a large amount of planning and it is important that this is done properly. An ill planned house extension can drag out for months or even years and the end result can be one of heart break rather than joy. Even adding one extra room to your house can be a massive undertaking.

Below we have listed 7 points to help guide you through planning a home extension and give you a bit of an idea as to what you should be considering from the start.

  1. Budget is Vital
  2. Why are you wanting to extend your home?
  3. Speak with a real-estate Agent
  4. What will the neighbours think?
  5. Consult with an Architect
  6. Find a Great Builder
  7. Size Matters

1. Budget is Vital!

I know, I know, you hear this all the time and we harp on it a bit but you really do need to know what the budget is that you have set aside for your home extension. When you think about it, having your budget set will allow you to then work out the size of the extensions that you can build, the type of materials that you can incorporate and influence the end result.

It is really important to be honest with this as well. Starting a project like this only to run out of funds half way through or at the end of the build is going to result in delays or corners being cut. And nobody wants that…

2. Why are you wanting to extend your home?

Knowing the reason that you are wanting to extend your home from the get go, will help dictate everything from the planning to the final brush stroke of paint. Are you wanting to extend your home because your family is growing or are you wanting to incorporate a home office?

Knowing the why will help massively with the how!

3. Speak with a real-estate Agent

Real Estate Agents are great sources of information about selling homes in your area and what potential buyers will look for. Knowing how you can increase the amount your home is worth, even if you don’t plan on selling it at the moment, could potentially pay dividends later on.

4. What will the neighbours think?

Like it or not, your neighbours can have actually have a say in the extensions that you add to your home. It is best to be upfront with them about any future home extensions before you get too far into the build and find out that they are not happy and issues arise.

5. Consult with an Architect

Having your home building plans created by a professional architect is vital to the successful completion of any home building extension. An architect works with building plans each and every day and will know exactly how best to work your existing home and adapt the new area you are wanting to add.

Like a builder they will also be able to speak with you about the types of documentation that you will need to submit to your local council to get your application approved. They can even suggest things that you might not have thought about, like things to add or where you can save money.

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6. Find a Great Builder

Unfortunately for some, a home extension does require a certain level expertise and experience that most people don’t have. A renovation can sometimes be tackled and completed successfully by a novice who is just good with this type of work. However you have probably heard and we do see the horror stories of people who have started but not finished an extension and it affects everything.

Finding a great home builder who specialises in house extensions will make the whole process so much easier, quicker and the end result will be of a much better quality.

When speaking with a builder, ask to see recent photos and testimonials from clients that they have helped. This will give you a greater understanding of their style of home extension and a gauge for their experience.

We do know one if you’re interested…

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7. Sizes matters!

Are you building up or out? Are you adding an ensuite or three additional rooms? As we have already mentioned, a home extension does require a high level of planning – hence this article. But does having a bigger area to add on take more time to construct…? Yes. Does it take longer to plan for a bigger extension…? Yes and no. Yes, as there are obviously a few more things to consider but no because all of the planning would need to be done for a smaller addition anyway.

That’s our guide to planning your home extension

Now as mentioned this is just a guide, if you are serious about extending your house, we recommend you speak with a reputable home builder or architect. They will be able to walk you through this process in much greater detail.

If you are looking for a builder that specialises in home extensions in Penrith or Western Sydney, get in touch with us. We offer a free home building consultation for people in your position, and can sit down with you at your home and cover all of the things that you will need to know.

I hope that helps,
Shane Caldwell
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