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August 13, 2016
7 Things to do once a Home Extension is Complete

So, you have finally finished with the extension for your home; you may have added a second story, a room above the garage, a sun room or even extended your living space by adding a home office or bedroom to the ground floor of your home. The structural work is only just the first phase of the project. Now it is time to decorate the place well, to make it look more attractive, be more functional and add value to your property.

Here are 7 things to do once a home extension is complete. Each of these points will ensure that the new area or areas is just as attractive as you had first envisioned it to be.

1. Current Home Trends:

Many homeowners who are decorating their home, conduct a certain amount of research before installing any décor on their premises. They are eager to find out what the latest home trends are and try to incorporate them in their design. While it is good idea to be in sync with these trends, it’s very important to identify whether these themes and concepts complement the look of your home. After all, you don’t want the design and look of your new home extension to stand out like a sore thumb. The design concept you follow should also be in sync with your preferences.

2. Colour combination:

Planning your Colours

Plan the colour theme well and ensure it is carried through the various features in this space and into the existing rooms. For instance, if you have decided to paint the walls in a shade of yellow, then orange furnishing might be a very contrasting colour. So, choose the colours with care and focus on blending these in with the existing décor in the other spaces of your home.

Choosing your Colours:

It’s a good idea to use colours from a single colour palette and then add a pop of colour using a few contrasting accent shades at strategic points in the room. Some designers suggest that you should pull the room’s colour palette from the walls or flooring. Others suggest that you should start with a piece of art. Once you decide where to start from, the rest of the décor can easily spring from that.

Get as creative as you like with colours; but when it comes to choosing the colours of investment pieces such as the sofa set or large entertainment units, wardrobes, beds or a dining table set etc, its best to use neutral shades. The colour should be in the accent pieces such as art, lamps and pillows; this ensures you are able to change the colour palette whenever you like, without spending a large amount of money.

3. Flooring:

The type of flooring you choose will be dependent on what the space is being used for, what your specific likings are, and what your budget is. While some people prefer wall-to-wall carpeting, others prefer wooden floors and some homeowners may like to get tiling or vinyl flooring done. Combination floorings are a good idea too.

If you like carpets, but don’t really want this for the entire room, you can use throw rugs as accent pieces, on your tiled or wooden flooring.

4. Furnishing:

The furnishing that you add to a room is a very important aspect of the interior design in any space. In fact, you can create a very stunning effect in a room, using the right kind of furnishing. Care should be taken to ensure the furnishing matches the fabric you use for your curtains; choose shades that enhance the look of the wall paint and make sure that the materials are durable.

For the investment pieces, you can use neutral upholstery, like grey, white and taupe. If the extension is semi-enclosed, and there is going to be a certain amount of sun filtering into that space, look for fade-resistant and weather-resistant fabrics.

5. Window treatments:

The kind of materials you choose for this, will be dependent on the location of the extension, what function that room serves, and of course your personal preferences too. Many people prefer to use curtains and they are a great addition to any indoor space. The other window treatments you can choose from are blinds, shutters, drapes etc. You can also use a mix-and-match of window treatments to provide the right amount of privacy, shade and insulation from the outdoor weather.

6. Furniture:

The furniture you pick should be functional, aesthetically appealing and long-lasting. If you are getting a complete set of furniture, you have the flexibility to choose any type of styling. However, if you are planning to place some existing furniture in that room, you should take care to ensure that the rest of the furniture is structured on the same theme.

So, if you have some existing Victorian looking furniture that you plan to keep there, getting new furniture in a modernistic style won’t work; you would have to choose furniture that is styled similarly – this helps create a seamless look in the place.

7. Floor plan

If you have nothing but a floor and 4 bare walls and are designing the entire space from scratch, it’s a good idea to create a floor plan first. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; you will also find good online, room planner plans on the Web – they are pretty easy to use and even a novice who is creatively inclined will be able to use these furniture template planners to create space that has the right movement flow.

Enjoy making your new Extension your own!

If you keep these pointers in view while decorating the new extension in your home, it will help you create a more cohesive look in the space, make the room/s more functional and will give you living spaces that are a pleasure to use and live in. If you aren’t very confident about getting the design or theme right, you can always take the help of a good interior designer to help with the planning. They will work closely with you to understand what your specific preferences and requirements are, and then provide solutions that best suit your needs.

If you have any questions regarding the construction of a Home Extension and how Eastcoast Builders can help, give me a call today on 0414 446 572 or use the contact form on our Contact Page to send us through your enquiry.

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