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September 14, 2016
10 Home Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is an excellent time for cleaning and getting maintenance done in and around your home because the weather is perfect for it! Spring months can be a slow time as people come out of their winter hibernation. Why not take this opportunity to clean your home, sort out your wardrobe for summer, and get most of the repairs out of the way?

We have a list of 10 home spring maintenance tips that will ensure your property is in good shape for the upcoming months.

  1. Weatherproof Windows and Doors
  2. Probe the Wood on your Windows and Doors
  3. Inspect and Get Maintenance Done on Air Conditioning Units
  4. Inspect and Repair Plumbing Installations
  5. Foundation and Basement
  6. Clean Windows
  7. Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape
  8. Clean and Repair Decks and Patios
  9. Clean and Refinish Lawn Patio Furniture
  10. General Cleaning

#1: Weatherproof Windows and Doors

Australian summers can be very hot and most people spend money on air conditioners and energy bills to keep their property cool and comfortable. However, most people don’t realise that the cool air can slip out and the hot air can slip in through closed windows and doors if they’re not weatherproofed properly. This doesn’t just compromise the cooling, but also increases the energy bills and places additional stress on your air conditioners.

During spring, you should inspect the windows, especially the caulking and striping to ensure they form a tight seal. You’d be surprised by just how much of a difference this can make.

#2: Probe the Wood on your Windows and Doors

Sometimes wood can appear perfectly fine from outside but prove to be rotten underneath. You should softly probe the frames and trims with a screwdriver to check the integrity of the wood. If you check the wood before wet season starts and you have to deal with showers and excess moisture. That would worsen the problem and lead to expensive repairs during the summer. If the frames and trims show signs of decay, you should call in a professional builder or carpenter to replace them or install metal sleeves to protect them.

#3: Inspect Air Conditioning Units

As spring progresses, the weather would start to get warmer and you’ll want to switch on the air conditioning. If your unit has been sitting idle for a while, it’s very likely that dust has accumulated in the filters and ductwork. That can make the system less effective, increase energy bills, and compromise the air quality inside the room. Spring is a good time to call in a professional to inspect and repair your air conditioning system if you want to ensure it’s in good working order for the summer.

#4: Inspect and Repair Plumbing Installations

You should always stay on top of plumbing problems because they can cause extensive damage. A single leaking pipe can easily leave water stains on drywalls, damage wood flooring, and cause other such problems that are expensive to repair. A thorough inspection of the plumbing system would reveal problems before they grow worse so you can repair them promptly and avoid bigger damage. A reliable plumber will inspect the system thoroughly and offer honest opinion on its condition along with the quote for repairs. This would allow you to plan accordingly and schedule the job if needed.

#5: Foundation and Basement

People often forget to inspect and maintain their property’s foundation and basement and that can cause problems down the line. Cracked foundation walls can cause leakages, dampness, mould, and even floods, especially if the roof drainage system isn’t well maintained. It’s a good idea to inspect and repair the foundation walls during spring, when the weather is favourable.

#6: Clean Windows

Dirty windows can compromise the beauty of your home and hamper the view so it’s vital to clean them occasionally. Spring is a great time to do a thorough clean on the interior and exterior sides of the windows on all floors. If you don’t have time, you can hire a professional window cleaner to remove all dust and debris from the surface. If you intend to clean the windows yourself, you should start from the top floor and make your way down. This would ensure that your newly cleaned windows don’t get dirty from falling dust.

#7: Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape

Your lawn and landscape would require a little extra care during spring. You’ll need to trim branches, prune the bushes and hedges, and mow the lawn regularly. You’ll also need to rake the lawn to remove fallen leaves and debris to allow the soil underneath to breathe. Expert landscapers recommend fertilising the lawn in the early days of spring to encourage fresh growth. This would also ensure the grass stays green and healthy in the upcoming months.

#8: Clean and Repair Decks and Patios

Most people love to spend springtime outdoors so decks and patios are used quite often during this season. It’s a good idea to get them ready, especially if you plan to host dinner parties or invite guests around. You should sweep and remove dust, dried leaves, and other such debris from the surface. If the deck has stains or mould on it, you should wash and refinish it.

It’s never a good idea to let these problems linger because they can compromise the structural integrity of the deck. When you inspect your deck, you should also look for warped, uneven, or broken boards and replace them. Once you’ve repaired the damage, you can stain and reseal the surface to restore its beauty.

#9: Clean and Refinish Lawn Patio Furniture

Spring and summer are seasons for spending time outdoors and for that your lawn and patio furniture needs to be in good shape. If you intend to leave the furniture outside, you should make sure it’s in a good enough condition to withstand heat, sunlight, and moisture. You can clean, sand, and repaint your metal furniture and replace old, mouldy fabrics and cushions with new ones. This will ensure that your furniture would survive the rainy weather as well as the summer heat in the upcoming months.

#10: General Cleaning

Once all essential repairs and maintenance is out of the way, you can dedicate some time to general cleaning. You should bring rain gear out of storage and pack away winter clothing and bring out spring and summer wear. You should also clean the indoor furniture, blinds, carpets, and other such aspects of your home.

Get busy in Spring to enjoy Summer!

During the cooler winter months, issues can arise around the home that simply get put off… However as you can now see, spring is a great time for getting all of those little home spring maintenance jobs ticked off before the Australian summer kicks in. This way as the weather warms up, your house is ready for the summer pool parties, barbecues, get togethers or however else you like to spend your days.

If you have some home renovation jobs that you have been putting off for spring and are now ready to get a builder in, then give me a call. You can contact me directly on 0414 446 572 or use the contact form on our Contact Page to send us through your enquiry.

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