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What is a Home Extension

Home extensions is when you expand your current dwellings up or out, to add an additional room/rooms or an entire new level to the existing house. A home extension differs from a home renovation in the fact that with a renovation you are updating rooms within the house to look a certain way rather than a home extension where you are adding on additional living space. With home extensions there is quite often an overlap as other rooms within the house get refreshed.

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Home Extensions and its Benefits

There are many reasons why people choose to add an additional room or level to there existing home over moving or building a brand new home some where else. These benefits may include:

A larger living area: A home extension will allow you to create addition room/s to accommodate the extra family member/s, home office or garage.

Added house value: The home extension could become an investment if you ever decide to sell, as you would have created a larger more appealing living area to the one you currently own.

You like the area: If you are in an area that you and your family are familiar with, like and don’t want to change locations, a big benefit to a home extension is that you don’t have to leave.

You don’t have the head aches of moving: Moving from one house to the next can be a big exercise in itself, no to mention the extra money that you need to spend on things like a new home loan and stamp duty.

Tailored to suit you and your families needs: One of the biggest benefits to you and your family is that the house extension will be developed and built around your requirements and input. This allows you to have a house that is unique and servers the purpose that you and your family need it to.

Bathroom home extensions in Penrith

What do Home Extensions involve?

A home extension requires a lot of detailed planning, communication and project management to make sure that the extension is complete on time, to budget and more important fulfils your needs and vision.

At Eastcoast Builders we are with you each step of the way and will complete the following steps when delivering your house extension:

Building Consultation: The owner of Eastcoast Builders, Shane Caldwell will meet with you personally at your property for a free building consultation, to discuss your needs and ideas for the home build and to inspect the property.

Building Plan: A building plan is a crucial part in the planning and development of your Home Extension. This allows everyone involved in the building phase to know the detailed planning of what they need to complete in order to successfully deliver the finished product.

If you do not yet have any building plans drawn up Eastcoast Builders can assist you with this process and help you determine if your goals are realistic. If you do have your building plans already developed we can assess them with you and give you a site appraisal.

Builders Quote: Once Eastcoast Builders in Penrith have met with you, seen the property and know what it is you want, Shane and his team will be able to develop a quote that will take into account your requirements, time frame and budget for the home extension.

When the quote has been received and accepted a contract will be written up and signed between the two parties and the work will commence on your property shortly after.

Building Commencement: Building will commence with the building materials being delivered to the construction site (your home) and various trades coming in and out to complete their part in the building process.

Building Completion: This is when it all comes together and the dream of owning a home tailored to suit your needs comes true. Now you can enjoy the extra space and benefits of living in a larger home.

Through every step of the way Eastcoast Builders will be in constant communication with you, making sure that the home extensions are built to plan, standards, budget and delivered on time.

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