How long will it take to build your home?

At Eastcoast Building Services we have had many years of experience in managing lots of complex building projects efficiently and to time and budget. We have developed a great, enthusiastic and loyal team which work quickly and efficiently on building projects together and this allows us to complete our services on time.

Therefore when building your home or completing your home extension it normally takes Eastcoast Building Services between 20 and 38 weeks to complete your project. Our home building time frame will depend largely on the size and complexity of the project but normally falls within this time frame. This time frame also take into account external factors that are out of our control like bad weather which can hinder a project from being completed.

Home Design Stages

To give you a better idea, below we have listed the various stages that go into completing most building projects that we undertake:

  1. Quoting and cost certainty
  2. Preliminary – Engineer and Interior Designer
  3. Agreement partnership
  4. Approval – Development and Council
  5. On Site Preparation
  6. Surveyors
  7. Foundations
  8. Concrete Slab
  9. Frame and structure
  10. Roof and weather proofing
  11. Bricklayer and cladding
  12. Plumbing and water management
  13. Electrical and power management
  14. Internal sheeting
  15. Cabinet Making
  16. Tiling
  17. Painting
  18. Completion of fitting and fixtures
  19. Detailers and quality control
  20. Cleaners
  21. Detailers
  22. Hand over Inspection
  23. Final Detailing
  24. Maintenance Program

The Variables

As we mentioned, there are external factors which can hinder a building project from being completed. Even thought we have allowed an estimated amount of time to these variables, it is still good to be aware of what they might be. These variables include but are not limited too:

  • The number and extent of custom features that you are getting added
  • Special order materials, these can take much longer to get ready and delivered
  • The number of workers who are on site every day
  • The condition of the lot
  • Inspections and permits and getting them past by your local council
  • Weather conditions
  • If the ground that you are building on, is not in very good shape, construction might take longer than expected

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the building process and the time frame for building your home then simply ask us. You can do this by contacting us via our our Contact Page or calling us on 0414 446 572.

We look forward to speaking with you then.