August 1, 2014
How to Design a Kitchen that Wows!

It is little secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home. As kitchens become even more social and serve as the gathering place for family as well as friends, it only makes sense to have a desire to design a kitchen that completely wows everyone who enters it. The following tips can help you to create a show-stopping kitchen that you will be proud to call your own.

Kitchen Cabinets:

If there is one area in your kitchen design that you should splurge on, it is cabinets. As the most visible area in the kitchen, cabinets are the one feature that can make the most impact. Additionally, cabinets are in use constantly, so they need to be able to hold up to the test of time and perform in a consistent manner while resisting wear and tear for years to come. Middle to high-end cabinetry will give you the most value for your money.

Kitchen Appliances:

It is important to select appliance that are going to compliment your kitchens cabinets, bench top, tiles, etc in both size and colour. Our tip here would be to first work out the design of your kitchen before purchasing your appliances. That way you will have a good understanding of how it should look but also, just as important, you will know how big each of the appliances needs to be.

When it comes to appliances, keep in mind that you do not need to buy top of the line appliances, but please do consider built-in models that give a customized look to your kitchen. What we mean by this, is appliances that have been installed inside a cabniet and therefore hidden from view. You can do this with something as small as a microwave or as big as a fridge.

Kitchen design elements

(This kitchen we renovated contains many of the design elements we mention)

Kitchen Lighting:

Lighting is another area to consider utilizing to make the most impact in your kitchen. Today, there is an excellent selection of various types of lighting with a wide array of finishes available on the market. While task lighting will always have its place, keep in mind that lighting can be more than simply functional. For example, have you thought about adding a skylight to your new kitchen design? Not only will it help with your electricity bill but it will definitely give you have modern look you are looking for.

Introducing Colours:

In terms of colour, remember that natural wood stains and off whites offer timeless appeal. Greys are also very popular today, particularly when combined with touches of black. While bold splashes of colour may also be trendy, they also go out of style quickly. By opting for neutral shades, you will be able to create a kitchen that is breathtaking as well as capable to holding up to the test of time.

Kitchen Benchtops:

Kitchen Benchtops should be selected with the same thought in mind as the rest of your kitchen, look and functionality. It will be the area of the kitchen, other than the cabinets, that are going to cope the most abuse by yourself and family members. While bench tops are among the most expensive additions to a kitchen, it is also one place where you can really give your kitchen that design that wows!

There are many options on the market today to suit any need and look. Some of your options include but are not limited to; laminated benchtops, timber benchtops, solid surface benchtops, granite benchtops and stainless steel benchtops.

Kitchen Splashbacks:

Speaking of benchtops, kitchen splashbacks are one of the hottest design trends for any modern kitchen at the moment. With so many different styles, textures and materials to choose from, it is yet another way your kitchen can get people saying more than just wow!

kitchen splashbacks are one of the hottest design trends for any modern kitchen

Kitchen Floor:

When it comes to flooring, consider the overall design theme of your kitchen and choose an option that will complement that look. Today, home-owners have far more options available, making it easier to make a flooring selection that will attract attention while still complementing the other elements in the design.

Kitchen Sinks:

Even the old kitchen sink hasn’t escaped the attention of designers looking at ways to make this common kitchen item more appealing to the masses. Enter the undermount sink… An undermount sink is installed by cutting a hole into the benchtop the exact width of the sink and fixing it to the bottom. The result is a sink with no visible edges and a smooth modern look.

Find your focal point:

Finally, consider investing in one statement piece. It could be an antique piece of furniture that is converted into a unique kitchen island, an awe-inspiring lighting fixture, or something else that speaks to you, but it should serve as the focal point of the kitchen.

Now go and Wow!

As we have already mentioned, the kitchen really is the hub of any family home. Especially these days with the new layout for many modern homes being one that is open and entertaining orientated. The only problem with designing a kitchen that wows is that you won’t be able to get your guests to leave!

I hope that helps you design your dream kitchen.

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