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August 22, 2014
Home Extension DIY you really shouldn’t try

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will be very eager to handle all kinds of carpentry, plumbing and other maintenance tasks, around your home. It’s great to be skilled enough to be able to handle these jobs, and you get a certain amount of satisfaction of actually working with your hands and fixing things.

Completing Different Tasks:

The fact that you also end up saving a lot of money on repair and maintenance, is a definite perk. But when it comes to DIY projects, you must know when to draw the line. Not all remodelling projects and upgrades are safe for you to handle by yourself. Take a look at what some of these are:

Electrical Work:

Flipping a fuse that has tripped in your home is one thing but it’s completely another thing to try and carry out repairs on faulty wiring. This and a number of other electrical issues like power-point installation, maintenance, repair, replacement or repair of electrical fixtures or an electric water heater are best left to a qualified electrician or tradesman.

If you find that a switch is not working the way it should or experience shock when you touch any electrical equipment in your home, call a professional electrician without delay. In most regions, you are also required to have a license to carry out electrical work. If you attempt to handle electrical work without a license, you may be slapped with hefty fines to ad to your woes.

Paving Your Driveway:

Installing pavers in your driveway is a great way of adding curb appeal to your property and it can easily become the focal point of the exterior of your home. Though it might seem like a simple task, paver installation is not easy… It requires precise measurements, and the pavers have to be positioned perfectly to ensure integrity. It can also be a very time-consuming and back breaking task. But getting a professional landscaping expert to handle the job will ensure that the job gets done in the least possible time and the most effective manner.

Tree Removal:

If there are trees that have to be removed from your property, it will involve climbing them and working with heavy and dangerous tools. There is definitely a potential threat involved in this kind of work and it is best to have a tree removal professional come in an handle the work for you. Remember, you will need to speak with your local council before removing any large trees from your property.

Knocking down walls:

It might seem that knocking down walls is a very easy and even fun task to undertake. But you need to keep in mind that there may be plumbing, gas pipes or wiring behind those walls. If you end up damaging any of these while you are attempting structural changes, it can cause damage to your property and potentially put your life in danger.

If that is not bad enough you also need to take into account the positioning of the wall in relation to the integrity of the entire structure. The wall could possibly be acting as a supporting beam and you might actually be doing more damage than good. While that is not to say that the wall can not be removed, there will be a lot of structural engineering that is going to need to take place. This is one more job that is best left to a qualified builder.

Plumbing Repair:

When it comes to plumbing repairs, it’s perfectly okay for you to handle problems like unclogging a drain or a toilet, but attempting any major plumbing jobs like a burst in a pipe should be handed over to a plumber. Because if your repair goes wrong, water damage can be difficult to repair.

The Smart Choice

The fact is, now that there is so much of information related to home improvement projects on the internet; a lot of people are attempting to handle these jobs themselves. Though some of these may look very simple when you are watching a video online, it’s much more difficult in real life. At the end of the day, safety is of paramount importance and getting a professional electrician, plumber, mason, builder or tree removal expert to handle the respective tasks in your home is a smarter way of getting things done and getting things done properly.

Do you have a Home Extension Job?

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