October 24, 2014
Clever Storage Solutions to Install During a Renovation

In any home, storage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and without it, the largest of homes can end up looking messy and cluttered. You can always add storage as you go along, but if you are getting some renovation work done in your home, take the opportunity to plan some smart storage solutions too. It’s one way of getting the work done with the least possible hassle and the project will turn out to be easier on your pocket too.

Here are a few storage solutions for the different rooms in your home:

Storage solutions for the Living Room

Open book shelves

Try open book shelves; these blend seamlessly into the design scheme. Try floor-to-ceiling storage for books and other little things you want to display. These are true space savers.

MDF cupboards

In most homes, partition walls are made of timber stud and will be hollow. While the renovation work is in progress, ask your builder to build some MDF cupboards that have doors in place of the standard plasterboard surfaces. It’s a great way of utilising this forgotten space.

Hide electrical equipment

Add revolving, pivoting or sliding doors and panels – these will make your TV, Video and all the hi-fi equipment “vanish” when you are not using it and the accessibility will not be affected. Get some customised cupboards made and add fine mesh-screening for integrating loudspeakers.

Built-in Cupboards

If you must have any work space or study area in the living room, conceal it inside a built-in cupboard. This will help you ensure that all your files and computer is shut-away at the end of every day. Vertical sliding doors in that area will do the trick nicely.

Storage solutions for the Kitchen

The kitchen will need extra attention

If you action a bit of research, you will find a lot of modern space-saving storage solutions for kitchens. Decide which ones suit your requirement and then add elements such as pull-out larders, adjustable baskets and magic corners. This ensures that every single inch is used in a functional manner.

Plan your kitchen space in a very user-friendly way and use all spaces behind the partition walls for slim-width shelves and shallow under-cupboard drawers can be created for things that are not used too often.

If you need additional storage, ask your builder if he will be able to sink a wine store just under your kitchen floor. If this is something that is within your budget, you can have a beautiful trap door covering the cellar. This space can also be used to store utensils and kitchen goods that are not used that often.

Storage solutions for the Bathroom

Speak to your builder

Bathroom spaces might be a little difficult to design optimally but the addition of smart storage can un-clutter this area of your home. Speak with your builder and ask him for any suggestions that he might have. You will often find that a good experienced builder will be able to quickly show you how you can add additional storage space.

Wall niches

If you are redecorating the bathroom completely, then get the builder to incorporate some wall niches in which the products and shampoos can be displayed or stashed. Add small shelves or cabinets above the door and stock towels there.

Storage solutions for the Bedroom

Customised wardrobes

If you have a few meters to spare, have your builder create customised wardrobes and plan these based on the kind of things you are going to be storing there. If there are alcoves in the bedroom, add shutters to the front and use these as storage spaces for additional items.

Pull-out bed

If you have a smaller home and your guest room is doubling up as home office or study, try a pull-out bed or a cabin bed which has some built-in storage. Under-bed boxes or blanket boxes at the foot of the bed are great bedroom storage options too.

Innovation & Function

Any storage solution you choose should be able to address the functionality needs in your home and define the space in a better way. You can also add shelving units that stretch from wall to wall and up to the ceiling, to divide larger rooms.

Walk around your house, sit down and see which spaces are available and which can be created to add some smart storage to your home. Get innovative with your ideas and never sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Discuss your plans with the builder and get some inputs from him too. This will help you create spaces that are perfectly-planned and ones that look good too.

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