September 26, 2014
9 Things You Should Know About Building a Home in Sydney

So, you’ve decided to build a home in Sydney, have acquired the piece of land you liked and are all geared-up to start with the actual construction. You probably also have a builder lined up for the job and feel that you have everything under control. It’s a good thing that you are in planning mode but there are some aspects that you shouldn’t be missing out on under any circumstances.

Things to Consider when building your home:

If you attempt to make any changes half-way through the construction you will end up paying much more than what you would have in the designing phase. Take a look at just a few of the things we feel you should know about building a house in Sydney:

Council Requirements:

This is a vital aspect and not one you can afford to overlook. Your home builder or the local council will be able to provide you with all the requisite information. This will help you understand all the parameters that your home-design will have to meet. Things like checking to make sure that the house that you plan on building is able to be built on the land that you have brought, see below, and checking underground pipes which could hinder or stop the construction from going ahead.

There could also be covenants that have to be met or some that could be recommended, which could include the kind of materials and exterior finishes such as the roof pitch, sewage or solar requirements etc.

You Building Budget:

This is another all-important factor which you should adhere to without faltering. Regardless of which stage of building you are in, it is crucial that you do not overstep your budget. This budget allocation is something that will have to be done at the outset and always keep a buffer amount for contingencies. These will arise no matter how well you plan everything.

When you are looking at the builder’s base prices, add 20-30% to it and get your home converted from the lock-up stage to a complete turn-key project. Builders will not include features such as the driveway, landscaping, turf, fencing and air-conditioning.

Placement of your house:

The actual placement of the house is also all-important. Plan how your house is going to fit on the block. Check about the area for boundary clearances and whether you need a side access. Check on how much space you have for a yard if you have kids, or are planning on having them and as a potential ‘nice to have item’, factor in some space for a pool (you might want one later).

Energy Efficiency:

The design you choose for your new home should be cooling and heating efficient as this will help in reducing your energy bills. Ensure that the positioning and design of the family rooms and living rooms are effectively shielded from the sun – These tend to have large windows and will have to be insulated well too.

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Collecting Rain Water:

Sydney has experienced some pretty tough drought conditions throughout the years which sees strict water using measure implemented by the government and for good reason… When designing your home, you have a great opportunity to add items like rain water tanks that can collect the water when it does rain. This in turn can be used to help water your gardens, maintain your lawns and wash the car when the weather does take a turn for the worse.

Overall Design:

Ensure that your builder/architect has given you a design plan that accommodates everything that you had agreed upon and it is exactly what you were after. During the design process, it is also a good idea to include a good number of windows. It’s not really nice to live in dark, dingy and dull rooms. Larger windows will bring in more natural light and make spaces look bigger too.

Choosing the right plants:

The weather conditions in Sydney can be extreme… From below zero in some parts of Sydney through to 40 degree days in the heights of summer. When it comes to landscaping your newly built home it is a good idea to use plants that are more resistant to the Australian Weather. Even using native plants like the Bottlebrush or Wattle could be good options to consider.

Create extra storage:

Check on how much of your furniture and other belongings you have in your current home. Ensure that the one you are building has enough floor and storage space to accommodate all of it. When you are building a home from scratch, it makes a lot of sense to plan all the storage like closets, cabinet spaces and niches well. Extended pantries and under-stair spaces are great for that additional storage you are bound to require at some point.


Check with the builder about whether any variations or changes can be made to the plan at minimal or no cost. If you find that something might not work right, get the changes made before the construction starts. Changes in window position, room positioning and size, should all be actioned in the design phase.

Sydney is a great place to build a home:

It doesn’t matter whether you are living in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Eastern Beaches or Sydney itself – Sydney is a fantastic place to live and build your new home!

When it comes to building your home, above all, the happiness quotient is something you do not want to miss out on. Ensure that you are planning your home just the way you want it to be and that the design, feel, materials and look matches your lifestyle and requirements. Add all those little special touches and finishes and speak with the builder so that he knows exactly what you want. And taking this aspect one step further… Go all out and enjoy building your new home!!

Looking for a home builder in Sydney?

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